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  • Emily Pan

June Fist Project

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

June Fist 2020 shares the testimonies of those mobilized on the Central Coast during the summer uprisings for Black lives.

The June Fist “Testimony Questionnaire” is designed to gather stories from various perspectives during the days leading up to and following the protests of June 1st in San Luis Obispo — illuminating patterns and telling broader stories through narrative voices. Participation in this June Fist “Testimony Questionnaire” is anonymous. They will not collect ISP or any other identifying information.

The stories gathered from this questionnaire will be curated and collated into anonymized narrative form, visualized, and published on: Central Coast Snapshots is a community collective gathering stories aiming to record & preserve those historically unheard/unacknowledged.

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About Central Coast Snapshots: Central Coast Snapshots gathers stories that center perspectives of those historically marginalized on California’s Central Coast, stories that take shape in any number of forms (interviews, photo essays, poetry, videos, journals, documentaries, art, portraits) during this critical, COVID-19 moment.


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